Produced in Nacori Chico Sonora Mexico with nothing but natural spring water and wild agaves, LC 1905 has been producing this beverage for over a century using the same techniques from more than 300 years ago.

    Our History


    In 1905 Don Refugio Portillo founded Hacienda La Nopalera along with his wife in the mountains of la sierra madre, close to Nacori Chico Sonora, where he started producing Bacanora before the prohibition era which lasted almost a century, now the Portillo family produces one of the best Bacanoras keeping the technics used by Don Refugio more than a century ago.  We hope you enjoy our rare and original Bacanora. Salud!

    LC 1905


    Nacori Chico's Mountains are part of the spurs of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains. Los Cantiles or "the cliffs" is a mountain with cliffs where agave grows naturally 

    La Nopalera


    In 1905 Don  Refugio Portillo founded rancho "La Nopalera"  and started producing Bacanora before the prohibition era. Today you can still find a stamp on the Ranch wall that reads: 

    "Refugio Portillo & Domitila Moreno & sons founded this ranch La Nopalera in September 1905".

    LC 1905 Production Process

    Agave Angustifolia Haw plantation


    The agave is planted in greenhouses for months and the transplanted to the mountains where it will reach maturity after 6 to 10 years.

    Agave in the mountains


    The agave is harvested with a small axe and machetes in the mountains and the carried out to the oven location by mule back.

    Underground Oven


    Is then slowly cooked in an underground oven lined with volcanic rock using a combination of mezquite and oak wood for a perfect balanced smokie flavor.

    Juice Extraction


    After a slow cooking process, the juice is extracted by placing the pine on top of a concave mesquite wood trunk called "La Cuba" and hit with the back of an axe, just like they did hundreds of years ago.



    High quality American white oak barrels are used to age Bacanora. Eight months will stay in the barrel for our reposado and 16 months for our anejo.  



    Hand Bottle by the Portillo Family using high quality hand made ceramic bottles.


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